Peiyang Arsenal Mint coin

diam. 24.3 mm, weight 7.3g, reeded edge
One liang (tael) value
(changed character Liang )
Two dragons

Bei Yang Ji Qi Ju
Peiyang Arsenal Mint
In the center - Ku - Treasure.

9-Aug-96 That coin (sorry for item's quality) was issued by Peiyang Arsenal Mint in Tientsin. In KM is next information about that mint:
A mint for struck cash was established in 1888 and the mint for the Peiyang silver coinage was added in 1896. This mint was destroyed during the Boxer Rebellion. A replacement mint was built in 1902 for the provincial coinage and merged with the Tientsin control mint in 1910.

In KM are shown few items of silver coins with legend Peyang Arsenal mint in English and Chinese, but copper coins are absent in that catalog. All Peyang Arsenal mint silver coins are dated from 1896 to 1898.

I suppose that placed here non-described coin was strucked between 1888 and 1896 years.

27-Feb-98 New unexpected! information found in the catalogue The Daniel K.E.Ching Sale, June 2, 1991, by Scott Semans and Bruce Smith:
26-Feb-99 - from Jim Farr received image of the relative coin:
Obverse - Guang Xu Tong Bao (reign title - 1875-1909 - of the Qing dynasty)
Two dragons and sun

Lin Yun Yi Wen - Small Change of 1 Cent (vertical)
Pei Yang (horizontal)

Thanks to Stephen Tai for the legend reading.

This coin is placed in the Krause Catalog under number Y#66, section 'Milled coinage cash of the Peiyang Arsenal Mint'.