Unknown coin or charm

Actual diameter 24 mm

Shown here item looks like Chinese coin or charm but with unknown upper and bottom characters on the obverse (reverse is plain).

First suggestions were received at the end of February 1996 from Norman Diamond after my question about that coin in the news conference rec.collecting.coins:

At the middle of July 1996 were received some additional comments from Robert Kokotailo: After that message I decided to search old styles of the some Chinese characters that looks like characters on the shown item. It seems to most interesting character P'ing and I found many variations of it on the coins T'ai P'ing Pai Chien , issued during the Wu dynasty (one of the Epoch of the Tree Kingdoms a.d.229-266) by Emperor Fei (Sun Liang) in the period a.d.252-257.
First of all, we see that upper character of that unknown coin is very close to P'ing character (with the exception of one horizontal stroke). Bottom character on that coin is analog of P'ing character from items S202 and #3, also with the exception of horizontal line. So I suppose that upper and lower characters are two stylized variations from newer and older forms of character P'ing.
Second, with supposition that it isn't coin but charm, we can search second meanings of character P'ing from the Chinese characters with the same pronunciations. It's usual practice in the decoding of the Chinese charms. From many P'ing characters (I searched among 52 characters P'ing, 32 of them have the same tone pronunciations) I selected character P'ing that means 'protection wall, screen'.
Third, in the book 'Encyclopedia of Chinese Symbolism and Art Motives' (C.A.S.Williams, The Julian Press, Inc., New York, 1960) I found next: In some buddhist countries this traditional method of child's protection against diseases is used still now. One my old familiar collector, who not long ago worked in Mongolia during few years and sometimes moved across a country "as nomad", told me that he often saw childrens with coins string on the neck or on the belt.
On that basis I suppose that shown on that page coin is charm (not very ancient) that serve to help child pass thirty dangerous barriers and for protection against diseases.

Interest notice at the beginning of August 1996 sent to me John Liang:

At last, 15 of August 1996 detailed conclusion sent to me Y.K.Leung:
Any additional comments on that coin would be appreciated. You can sent it to Vladimir Belyaev .

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