Unknown Chinese coins

Below are rubbings of unlisted Chinese coins. Please excuse me for low quality.
Any comments would be highly appreciated.
Kuang Ting Yuan Pao, seal (zhuan) style, 24 mm, 4g,
The Hsia Dynasty, a.d.1032-1227, the Emperor Shen Tsung a.d.1211-1223
Very rare (one item known?)
Chi Shun T'ung Pao, 22mm, 3.9g
1330 A.D.-1332 A.D., the Yuan Dynasty, the Emperor Wen Tsung;
reverse with some character, unlisted?
Ta Ting T'ung Pao, 24 mm, 4.7g,
1161 A.D.-1189 A.D.,
the Chin Dynasty, the Emperor Shih Tsung;
reverse upper Yu (1189 A.D.), unlisted with bottom point
T'ai Ping T'ung Pao, 27 mm, 6g, double obverse
Nothern Sung Dynasty

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