Unknown Xinkiang token

Obverse: Chinese and Turki inscriptions

Reverse: plain

Size: about 0.5 inch

Image received from George Anderson, 13-May-99

Y.K.Leung (May 18, 1999):
    The Chinese characters denoted the same meaning as the English handwriting above the token.

    The token was issued by a canteen in A-K'e-Tu Hsien of Sinkiang Province. A-K'e-Tu Hsien is located at the southwest of Sinkiang Province, just between Yingjisha and Tashkurgan. A-K'e-Tu Hsien was founded in 1955. Its pastoral industry is quite famous in China. It's products are wheat, maize, rice and cotton.

    Most of the existing coupons or tokens were issued, because of short of copper coins, but this token seems was made with copper. I wonder why don't use paper or some other lower-value metal such as aluminum or copper nickel alloy to make the token. This may be due to copper is quite easy to get in Sinkiang. This token was valued at 3.80, I don't know it is Renminbi <P.R.C. currency> or not. May be other collectors would know more about this token.

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