Xinkiang 1/2 unknown miscals

Jim Farr
Mar.14, 1998
Size 14.5 mm.
The obverse of the coin (on the right) is similar to Mitchiner 3974, which he reads as Qalghan Aqsu. I am not sure I agree completely with this interpretation. There are two letters after the word Aqsu that look like DA or DL which are not included in his interpretation.

The reverse of the coin looks different that the one that Mitchiner has. I think it says besh fung, but am not sure of the word at the bottom.

Size 12.5 and 12 mm.
The obverse of the two coins are similar, but from different dies. I think they say an gumush, but I cannot find any coins with the word that is written across the bottom of both of them.

The reverses are different. They might both just say besh fung, but I think there is something else there as well. I cannot find either of these coins in Krause, Mitchiner, or Xinjiang Numismatics. They appear to be part of the Y A7 series in Krause, but I can't tell which mint.

Any additional information highly appreciated. Please send it to Jim Farr

Some notes from Stephen Tai.
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