Undescribed Wu Shu coin with swastika

Jan, 15, 1999
Question from Scott Clegg:
    I have a Wu Shu 26 mm diameter with a swastika on the top and bottom. I noticed that Schjoth had one with 4 swastika's. I haven't been able to find much on this coin but I did see a similar one in a very old book that a dealer has here in Shanghai. Does anybody have any information on this item?

    This item is placed under N994 in the book "Zhong Guo Hua Qian" by Yu Liu Liang etc. (ISBN 7-5325-1220-7) in the section of Chinese charms with coin legend.

Message from Maryann Fremion (13-Oct-2000):
    On the requests of coin indentification page, I have identified the coin with the swastika. In Jen's Book, Chinese Cash, it is #1012 Wu Zhu. The marks mean ten thousand. In very good condition is valued at $150.00 In VF it is $300.00.