Salt Capital Silver

Stephen Tai
Apr.25, 1998
Inscription: [middle] The 1st year of Hsuang Tong (1909, 1909-1911), Salt Capital of Guan County (in Szechuan)
[Right] Silversmith Yu Cheng Ming
[Left] (Salt) Merchant Ho Hsing Gong
Dimension: 61(L) x 54(W) mm
Weight: 378 g (10 Taels)
Inscription: [middle] Salt Capital of Hong Prefecture (in Szechuan)
[Right] The 2nd year of Hsuang Tong (1910)
[Left] (Salt) Merchant Yi Tai Yuang
Dimension: 60(L) x 53(W) mm
Weight: 330 g

Silver Sycee