Wu Hsing Ta Pu Coin Charm

Actual size is 30 mm.

That charm is interesting kind of coin charms (or coines turned to charms - F.Shjoth). On the obverse is placed legend Wu Hsing Ta Pu [up to down, right to left] of the Nothern Chou dynasty (a.d.557-581) coin [S246]:
In the 3rd year of the Chien Te (a.d.575), the Emperor Wu cast the Wu Hsing Ta Pu ("Great Currency of the Five Elements"), one equivalent to ten, circulating jointly with the Pu Ch'uan, casted from a.d.561
Actual size is 28 mm

On the reverse are shown the seven stars of Ursa Major constellation, a Sward, a Snake and a Turtle. Those symbols are symbols of the Nothern Heaven [V.Alekseev, S.-Petersburg, 1912], that serve as protection against devil force.
There is charm with the same symbols on the reverse, obverse script on that is translated as [F.Shjoth] "Let evil influences be expelled, and evil ways be avoided".

Look at varieties of that charm from book N6 ( literature list):

There is interesting question: "Why Chinese image of the Ursa Major is the same as in western astronomy - as Dipper or Ladle?". Did that interpretation of stars position came to Europe from China or Chinese Charms with Ursa Major were casted when Chinese already knows Europian astronomy basics?

Once more Wu Hsing Ta Pu images I received from Mr. Y.K.Leung.
Another type of Ursa Major Charm is placed here.
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