Drevnosti Nizhegorodskogo Povolzhia
Issue 2, 1997, Nizhny Novgorod

Text in Russian.
Translation by Jim Farr
Issues still available

The book has 190 pages plus 15 plates.  There are also line drawings of
coins in several of the articles.  The book has the following articles (my
rough translations and commentary):

9  Petrov, Jujid hoards in Nizhny Novgorod. Lists of types, but no
descriptions or drawings.  Two or three of the plates go with this article.

25  Lebedev and Dunin, Golden Horde hoards from the Volga.  Comprehensive
lists of rulers, mints and dates, two pages of line drawings of
reconstructed types.

48  Petrov, Lead seals or coins from finds along the Volga. Tables with
designs found on them, a few of the photographic plates go with this.

68  Klokov and Lebedev, Two small hoards of Jujid coins.  Tables of rulers,
mints and dates.  One page of line drawings of eight types.

75  Lebedev and Muhammetshin, Four coins of Golden Horde and Giray Khans.  Line

78  Lebedev and Trostyanskii, Small hoard of Jujid coins, 14-15 century.
Description of 12 types with line drawings.

87  Lebedev, Numismatics of Giray Khan Sa'adat Giray I.  Line drawings.

97  Lebedev and Koifman, New Hoard of Shaddadid dirhams.  al-Fadl I, Janza
401 and 403.  Line drawings of different coins.

108  Lebedev and Koifman, Numismatics of Azerbaijan. Dirhams of the
Shirvanshah Salar bin Yazid. Descriptions, line drawings, photos,

117  Petrov and Smichkov, New data on a hoard of Great Seljuq coins. Lots
of legends written out, some line drawings, two tables of symbols found on
the coins.

135  Petrov, Hoard of Chaghatayid coppers from the 14th Century. Bukhara,
Samarqand, Karshi, Termez and Kesh. Legends written out, drawings of
cartouches, tables of symbols found on coins.

150  Lebedev and Petrov, Two hoards of copper broad dirhams of the
Khwarizmshah Muhammad bin Tekish.  Legends written out, all types supported
by line drawings.  Looks more complete than other summaries of these.

179  Lebedev and Petrov, Hoard of Shaybanid tankas.  Some legends written
out, some line drawings, one page of drawings of varieties of cartouches.