Xinjiang - Western Uyghur Kaganat
"Xizhou Huihu" Cash Coin

Vladimir Belyav,
February 09, 2002
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Weight 2.71 g, diameter 21.7 mm

Obverse: Uyghur Iduq yarliq yurisun

Reverse: plain

Metal: copper
Catalogs: Jen922, XN80

      In Chinese references such coins are named Xizhou Huihu cash.

      Jen, p.188: " The word Yiduhu appears in the legend of this coin, placing the date of its mintage after 12th Century, when it replaced the word Khagan. This coin, therefore, must have been minted 200 years later than the coin No.921".

      The coin Jen921 is a cash-like coin of Uyghur Qaghan Boquq.

      Francois Thierry wrote to me in e-mail on 8-Sep-2000:
      We have one coin of this type in our Cabinet. That is a small Uyghur (Huihu in Chinese) copper coin cast probably by the Western Uyghur Khaganat at Beshbalik or Qodjo during a period lasted from the end of the 9th century to the begining of the 13th century. We have not more precise datation, but the coin inscription mentions the title of Iduk[kut], an Uyghur title mentioned on stone inscriptions until the Mongol period. The coin inscription is Iduq yarliq yurisun, "circulating by order of the Iduq". My opinion is that these coins were casted during the period of the end of the Chinese Five Dynasties and the early Song Dynasty.


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Xizhou Huihu cash from Xinjiang Numismatics:

Weight 2.3 g, diameter 20.8 mm

Any additional information highly appreciated.
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