Japanese Silver Trade Dollar

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Yen, Year 11 [1878]. Dragon in beaded circle. Y.A25.2.

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      Can anyone give me information or details/ history of my 1878 Japanese Silver One Yen coin also known as the "Dragon Yen". It looks like the 1875-77 Japanese Trade Dollar (see illustration at right) with minor differences but mine has the words "One Yen" in place of the "Trade Dollar" words. You can see and compare. Any information will be appreciated .

      Trade Dollar coin was issued in 1875 (the 8th year of Meiji period). This silver coin was issued for foreign trade (like Trade Dollar of USA). Coin was mined in silver of 900 fineness and has weight 27.22 g (some more than silver Yen coin in that time - 26.96 gr.) These coins were issued during 3 years (from 1875 to 1877). Some coins have Japanese "Gin" countermark ("Silver" in English). All these coins are RARE and very hard to find in high grade.

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