Unknown Cash Coin with the Legend
Chang He tong-bao

Image received from A.M.Turner
Obverse: Chang He Tong Bao

Reverse: plain

Message from Andrew M.Turner, Australia (18-Nov-02):

     Whilst sifting through coins collected on my last China trip, I found this chang he tong bao coin. Although it is highly likely not to be genuine (note the calligraphy), the only reference I could find to it was in Sichuan South West University's "The complete collection of Chinese ancient coins". It is listed as undefined and no other info is provided (see illustration).

Vladimir Belyaev (24-Nov-02):

      I have no any information about this coin. Single that I can say that calligraphy of given coin differs from that one published in the Sichuan book.
      Any opinions highly appreciated.

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