A Discussion On 'Zhu Guo, Mu Guo Yuan Bao'

Numismatics Column Of Inner Mongolian Finance Study, 1989, #1
Li Geng-wen
Translation: William Hill


      This Feb.(1988), I got one piece Zhu Guo Yuan Bao, and one piece Mu Guo Yuan Bao from a pile of old coins. They are all in Orthodox writing (not strictly), the characters are arranged in clockwise, broad rims, plain reserves. The colours are in bluish yellow, diameters are 2.2 mm, 2.25 mm; hole sizes are both 0.7 mm, rim thickness 0.12 mm, 0.07 mm, weights are 3.5 g, 1.8 g. Their writing is in the same hand, the making also same, and the material no difference. The moden numismatists have different opinions on the problem of their casters. Ding's Gu Qian Dai Ci Dian records on page 248 of the second volume, like this: Zhu Guo Yuan Bao coin, cast by Yang Guang-yuan of the Hou Jin dynasty. Diameter is 7.5 Fen, weight is 1 Qian. The Book On Jin of Wu Dai Shi says, in the Tian-fu's second year, spring, Xin-mao day of the forth month, the Governor of Xuan-wu, Yang Guang-yuan tribute Zhu Guo Qian 300,000 Quan .... I don't think it's a necessary that Zhu Guo Qian must be Zhu Guo Yuan Bao, my reason goes this way, 300,000 Quan is a huge quantity, but actually, this coin is very rare at present. If we focus on the two characters of Zhu Guo for a further analysis, should we understand this word as To assist the country? (rather than a kind of inscription)?

      The writing style of the both coins look very similar to Tian Zan Tong Bao (Ref: Ding's dictionary, page 201 of the second volume.) It seems that they were in the same rail. If that Tian Zan Tong Bao of Ding's dictionary (Gu Qian Da Ci Dian) is truly of Liao, then both the Zhu Guo Yuan Bao and Mu Guo Yuan Bao are of early time of Liao Dynasty. Maybe it's too much arbitrary, but I believe in this way myself. Here I'm also looking for a discussion between the people who share the same hobby, and waiting for the correcting from experts!