Ma Chuan-De, Xu Yuan
Currencies during the revolution of 1911

Currencies during the revolution of 1911        A specialized numismatics book "Currencies during the revolution of 1911" was published on March 12, 2002, in commemoration of the death of Sun Yat-Sen, the founding farther of the first Republic in China. This book was published by ShangHai Educational Publishing House and the authors are Ma Chuan-De and Xu Yuan who are among the most prolific writers in Chinese numismatics. Ma Chuan-De is the son of renowned Chinese numismatics scholar and dealer, Ma Ding-Xiang, and Xu Yuan is one of Ma Ding-Xiang’s students. This is the third specialized book coauthored by Ma Chuan-De after the publication of “Tai Ping Tian Guo Currencies” and “Xian Feng Coins”. All three books in this series are based on painstaking researches done by two generations of numismatists, including Ma Ding-Xiang, his students and his son Ma Chuan-De. All these books are also characterized by their thoroughness which are unmatched for by any other publications. Naturally, the previous two books have become indispensible references for collectors and sholars specializing in the respective periods. The new book, however, has two significant improvements: it uses color photos for illustration and it contains English text in addition to Chinese.

       The period of 1911-revolution was one of the most turmoiled periods in Chinese history. First, the revolution was hijacked by Yuan Shi-Kai who was the most powerful Qing general at the time. Then, soon after Yuan’s death, the country turned into warlords’ land with constant fightings among warlords. Not surprisingly, this chaotic period produced a large variety of currencies, as reflected by the more than 400 items illustrated in "Currencies during the revolution of 1911". Nearly one hundred of these were never published before. This book should become an important reference for those who collect and study modern, pre-1949 Chinese currencies.

       Rong Yang

       Ma Chuan-De, Xu Yuan, Currencies during the revolution of 1911, Shanghai Educational Publishing House , 224 p., 400+ illustrations.

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